Shimeji - Luffy Doll Live APK

Shimeji - Luffy Doll Live APK android

Digital Cosmos

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LuffyDoll is an animated doll which plays on your phone’s screen (live wallpaper). The doll moves around, jumps and lets you move him. Luffy is the fifth shimeji in this series. Shimeji are personalized dolls available until now only on desktop, but now the Luffydoll shimeji makes its debut on Android!

Our live wallpaper has various doll animations, allows to chose your own wallpaper and you can disable touch effects. Remember that the app is constantly improving as each week we add something new.

Use our cute animated Luffydoll live wallpaper and if you have any suggestions please email us. So, what are you waiting for?! Get your homescreen anime character right now :)

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