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Temperature Test Prank APK android

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thermometer forreading temperature the best prank! Fingerprint Body thermometer will provide you the most easiest way of checking out your Body Temperature.

thermometer is calculating the body temperature using fingerprint. If you can be a prankster you should definitely like this scan hot bodies thermometer like a weather.

which calculates thermometer Finger Body Temperature Prank symbols is made for the people who just want to play pranks temperature outside, on others and want to show off the power of their latest android device. It is a must have thermometer application
How To play

Select your gender and tap on next,
Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait for the analysis.
Result: Your Fake Body Temperature will be shown automatically on your galaxy thermometer after calculation. Fingerprint Body Temperature provides best and high definition image qualities

Fingerprint body temperature thermometer is especially developed in wherein it'll definitely use brand new devices and android versions too. Fahrenheit thermometer and celsius thermometer.
enjoy the prank and don't forget to share with your friends on Skype viber thermo and more social networks



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