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Noman Ameer

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Verizon: 1.0
ขนาด: 6.6M


Now you can broadcast your SMS with SMS Caster in three ways at current and future time with a powerful feature of broadcast SMS in background service. So that, you can perform other task on your phone.
1. Auto generate series
2. Predefined List
3. Phone Book
1. In Auto Generate Series mean you only require Network and City Code. Application will broadcast SMS on ten thousand numbers in series by its own.
For Example you only give +92321682 and application will generate numbers +923216820000 to +923326829999. This feature is very useful for marketing purpose.
2. You can make your own lists of your choice and you can broadcast SMS on you selected list.
3. You can broadcast your SMS on your Phone Book.
All these features of broadcasting SMS help you to broadcast SMS in future time. You can set desire time for broadcast SMS like on special events like Christmas or Easter or Eid or Divali or launching date of your product etc.
• Control the Delay time between SMS sends
• Longer Messages automatically deliver in multiple SMS
• Broadcast to Auto generated series.
• You can make multiple lists.
• Broadcast to your desire list at a time.
• Broadcast SMS to your whole Phonebook.
• Broadcast SMS to multiple numbers
• Future Time Broadcasting
• You can View, Edit and Delete future SMS
• You can Forward inbox SMS to any person, list or Phonebook


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    Noman Ameer
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