Cyber Zoo,World#1 Concept Game APK

Cyber Zoo,World#1 Concept Game APK android

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How many of you know about the actual sound of Zebra, Rhinoceros, Tortoise, Grouse, Quail, Owl, Killdeer,Falcon, Eagle, Dove, Grasshopper, Cricket, Bee, Housefly, Lizard, Crocodile, Kangaroo & White Crow ?

Cyber Zoo is Worlds #1 innovative Virtual Zoo game with a galaxy of animals, birds, insects, mammals & reptiles with their actual sound, just like we see in a Zoo. It is a game where they are all caged into TicTac squares and when you touch the mobile they make real sound !

TicTacZoo is an interesting app where anyone can play with Birds,Animals,Insects, Reptiles & Mammals with their actual sound. The Game is developed after a good amount of research on what children between the age of 3 to 13 years would love to play with & learn.

Most children play with their Parent's mobile when they are around or when they leave their mobile in an easily accessible place. Watching children playing with your mobile is a happy & joyful sight for most of the parents.

Dear Parents, You can gift this fun app to your child and enjoy watching him/her play & learn-

Cyber Zoo has the following key features:

- Play with more than 40 types of Birds,Animals, Reptiles,Mammals or
Insects in pairs.
- Quacky sound & the best concept game
- Kids Companion
- Attractive animations with the real sound of galaxy of animals.
- Supports all types of Android Mobiles
- Option to play alone with mobile or with your friend.
- Option to change animal pair during play
- Option to switch the animals within a pair between the friends
- Choose one of the four attractive backgrounds
- Category Selection & Sound on/off option
- Score board in single & double player mode
- Clap & Gallery sound to encourage when kids score good.

Kids are called in Hindi as Nanna Munna, in Malayalam as Kutty or Appi, in Kannada as Magu, in Punjabi as Baca, in Tamil as Kulantai, in Marathi as Karadu, however animal sounds have no language barrier.



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