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Network Monitor APK android

WALTON Corporation

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Verizon: 4.7
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Gone crazy to know your internet speed? The solution is right here for Smart users!!! Be Smart while you surf the internet !!! This is the sort of application which will help you to monitor the internet data traffic while you are connected to internet network (WIFI/Mobile). It will also help you to monitor the connectivity status when a connection goes off or on. And, will provide you the connected network's name and type. It will not drain out your battery and it will not make your device hot!!!.. For added Memory optimization technique, it will not hamper other running application's performance. 100% correct reading is assured. What you really need to do is just download it. Run it for first time..It will start with all default values. If that is not you want to see, change it by selecting the provided simple UI options. Please go through the help menu in case you get in a fix!!!


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    WALTON Corporation
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